Who do you know who to trust? That’s an important question when it comes to your finances. I can tell you unequivocally that Ethan is one of the most honest, straight-shooting people I have ever worked with. Not only that, he knows his stuff so not only are you getting rock solid advice, you can rest assured that what he recommends, is in your own best self-interest.

~ Dave Dee

Ethan Kap is one of the true innovators of our industry. My experience in working with Ethan is that he is a consummate process and systems guy and in our business that translates into predictable and consistent premium. The fresh ideas and creative programs initiated by Ethan and Brett have been a true game changer to help Advisors become more successful in our industry.

~ Tommy Aiken – President, Life Distribution AMZ Financial and Insurance Services, LLC

Ethan is one of those unique individuals that are truly dedicated to excellence.  I’ve watched him over the last 10 years strive to refine his craft and be the best version of himself possible.  He understands the principle of service to others and seeks to help those around him reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.  He’s helped a great many people achieve what they’ve wanted.  I can’t count how many times he’s started personal meetings with the question, “How can I help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself?” which in my opinion, is a mark of true professionalism.

Not only has he been great to work with professionally over the last decade, but he’s been a sincere friend. He has always been concerned about mine and my family’s well-being.  Even if it was just a simple phone call to see how I’m doing or visiting in the hospital when our youngest child had to be there for an extended stay.  He’s showed genuine concern and friendliness. Ethan’s been a pleasure to know and associate with, and I would encourage others to do what they can to get to know him on a professional and a personal level.
To your success,